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- Edgar Degas"

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Czech Republic




 My interest in art started while I was in school. I was in secondary technical school at the time and was able to take painting classes in the afternoons, but my real knowledge of art came from books.



"Moment in Nature" - Liquid Enamel on Steel  -  80 x 120cm



In 1968,  I was introduced to enamel technology for the first time and it interested me greatly. I began to work in an enamel factory that produced kitchen ware. There was an artist at the factory who taught me all the secrets to this technology as well as its history. In 1970, I began my first attempts at applying enamel technology to creating artwork.



"Wave of Life"




I have had many shows which are important to me, four of them in museums, including Prague and Cologne, and an exhibition at the Christal Gallery in Limoges. But enamel art is not my job, it is only my hobby. I have met a lot of people who shaped my destiny in my work and they are my inspiration, along with the beautiful mountains where I live. In my pictures, one side is a person and the opposite side is the beautiful nature that surrounds my house. This is the story of my life.


"Southern Landscape"



In my work I use a spray gun and brushes. At first I paint my idea, then transfer the idea into the enamel. The colors are the other story.


"Morning on the Meadow"



"Light and Shadow"




"Enter the Country"



"With Coffe"




Now I work for the firm Ametyst Moravia. We produce enamaled pieces from large to small. The firm is always looking for clients in the areas of advertising and architects.




It is not difficult to find a hall for a show in the Czech Republic, but it depends on money. I want my art to be known to people who are interested in enamel. In our country, only a few people make enamel panels. One reason is that the technique is expensive and only a few firms use it. The other reason is that there is only a small interest from architects in enamel.


In my neighborhood, there are 3 enamelers - myself and Eva Kucerová, also a panelist and Barbara Baumruková, who is a jeweler.