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BUY AND SELL - In the Members Forum

  • For sometime, members have asked to sell new and used products on the site. It has been on my "to do" list for sometime as I researched the ins and outs of web site advertising, pay pal, layouts, proposals etc. - and came to the conclusion that its a head banger! especially when you only have two years of web experience hanging off your tool belt and a lot more important information to post on the site other than advertising packages.

    What I propose for any member interested in selling is that you make a donation of your choosing each time you make a sale by clicking on the "DONATION" button. No extravagant advertising costs to you, and a small monetary thank you for the site.

    List your name and item in the Members forum and the rest of the information on your Profile Page so it does not take up room on the Main Page. Interested buyers can then contact you.

    A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the Members who have so generously donated - I am overwhelmed by your caring and support and I shall keep working hard to make this site GREAT!

    .......and please note,  there are no shopping sprees in my future- its all being held for the next web site rent request  and/or anything else that the community feels is needed.