• Hot off the presses!! Barbara is putting on some incredible workshops- RSVP fast!

    August 10, 11, 12, 13, 2012
    The Ranch - Seattle, WA 
    Topics Covered - Experimental Enameling

    October 5,6,7, 2012
    The Guilded Lynx - Ridgefield, CT 
    (call for more information - 203-431-2400 - specifics are not yet posted on their website)
    November 5 - 9, 2012
    Georgia Goldsmith's Group - Atlanta, GA
    details to be posted later
    conatct Debby Park for more info -">

    March 16, 17, 2013
    Great Lakes Enamel Guild - Milwaukee, WI
    Class will be held at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee.Great Lakes Enamel GuildContact Barb Pelowski at the address below for more info.  
    Phone: 414-425-2465

    April 5,6, 2013
    Fine Line Art Center - St. Charles, IL

    Workshop Descriptions

    Enameling: The Basics and Some Fun Stuff!!

     Learn the essential information about enamel preparation and application and skills necessary for becoming confident and successful with enameling using a kiln. Many of the misconceptions about kiln firing enameling will be dispelled. A variety of fun techniques for creating a complex and colorful enameled surfaces, quickly and easily, on flat or formed metal will be demonstrated.  

    Colorful, Exciting Surface Designs Using Opaque Enamels

    Learn inspiring, decorative techniques that quickly yield colorful, exciting and complex enameled surface designs while gaining basic information and skills for successful enameling. Decorative techniques include scrafitto, found and made stencils. using rubber stamps and dry screen printing enamel powder.  

    Luscious Surface Designs with Depth using Transparent Enamels

    Create luscious, glowing enameled surfaces using transparent enamels in combination with smooth or textured copper, underglaze black and silver and gold foil.  Learn how to prepare and fire transparent enamels for maximum clarity when used with a sifted application. 

    Experimental Enamel Surfaces:  Inlay Techniques

    Emphasis is on exploration and experimentation with traditional and non-traditional enameling techniques with the intent of achieving exciting surfaces that exceed expected results.  A variety of techniques are offered to the host venue to choose from for this workshop.  Pictured at the left is "seed bead inlay" and "silver spit ball inlay".  Please contact Barbara for more possibilities and specifics.

    Enameling and Sgraffitto

    Learn the basics of enameling, opaque enamel application and how to embellish the colorful surfaces with sgraffitto and iron oxide or atomized metals to create hand drawn images and designs.  

    Form in Screen:  Liquid and Sifted Enamels

    Work with the ever so pliable copper screening to achieve a wide variety of forms from vessels to beads.  Then apply liquid and sifted enamel colors to create colorful results.  Along with enameling basics, students will learn how to form the screen and apply the liquid and sifted enamels.

    Enameling and Decal Making/Application/Firing

    Learn the basics of enamel application and embellish the enamel surfaces with a variety of decal products suitable for firing on vitreous enamel.  Use luster decals for patterned designs.  Make iron oxide decals of designs you choose.  Learn to work with a variety of commercially available image-type decals.

    Embossed Foil and Transparent Enamels

    Work with transparent enamels and embossed silver foil to create amazingly detailed enameled surfaces with just a few colors.  Students will learn how to emboss and enamel the foil as well as how to make the embossing plates.  Students will learn how to prepare and fire transparent enamels for maximum clarity when used with a sifted application.