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Citric Acid - the safer way to Pickle!

  • At long last -- a gentle and environmentally-friendly pickle! Introducing Citric Acid Pickling Solution.  

    Forget worrying about which pair of tweezers you are putting in the pickle pot. With Citric Acid, you can use any tweezers when removing your items and your work will never be plated an odd color again!  

    This solution will work for months, removing the firescale from your nickel, brass, silver, copper, and gold. Because it is non-toxic, you can pour it down the drain when you're finished with it.   

    Be sure to read the instructions included for all the details in working with this pickle. The Beaducation Team has tried it out and is very impressed with the results. We're sure you will be, too!  

    you can buy it at: