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METALWERX - offers some great articles

  • Metalwerx,
    Waltham, Ma.
    Some wonderful articles have just arrived in my email from Metalwerx, for those of you who are across the globe and do not subscribe to these jewelry magazines.  
    Miniflam Torch: Trick
    An Innovative torch system for jewelry makers 
    Articles by Helen Driggs that appeared in  
    Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine
    People are always asking me about what kind of torch to get for their home studios.  It's a big decision and many people I've come across don't feel comfortable with an acetylene tank, and the insurance/permits that come along with it. The articles below feature Jean-Luc Ponsart of Miniflam, a Vendor Day Exhibitor, who has come up with a great solution!

    We are especially grateful that Helen Driggs and the folks over at Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine (especially Tammy and Merle) shared a March 2011 article from their "Cool Tools and Hip Tips" series.  It covers everything you need to know about this exciting torch system, ideal for home studios.

    Meet the Miniflam: An Innovative Torch System for Jewelry Makers
    Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist March 2011 

    Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist March 2011

    Helen Driggs' personal blog called Materialsmithing
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