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How To Sell Jewelry On Line e-book by Cathleen McCarthy

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    How to Sell Jewelry Online

    By Cathleen McCarthy

    Join Cathleen McCarthy for How to Sell Jewelry Online, a new article collection eBook that compiles all 17 of Cathleen's "Net Profits columns from 2012 and 2013 in one. Finally harness the power the internet holds for your jewelry business as you learn important inventory management tips, social media hints, and techniques for creating effective email promotions. See how real successful jewelry businesses operate in the virtual sphere and elevate your business to a professional level. 

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    Unlock the potential the internet has for your jewelry business with informative articles on creating your own website and optimizing it correctly.

    Discover the reach social media can present to your business.

    Keep your business running smoothly with tips for dodging hackers, tracking inventory online, and creating an effective business plan.