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John Killmaster circa 1977


    A "KILLER" Killmaster on the Streets of Portland, Oregon!





    Circa, 1977

    Porcelain on Steel


    Owner:  City of Portland (


    Date:  1977


    Placement:  sidewalks


    Collection:  Regional Arts & Culture Council




    Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)


    Material:  steel (alloy), porcelain enamel


    Description:  John Killmaster is an internationally recognized artist known for his sculptures, paintings, and enamel work. This sculpture features Killmaster's mastery of enamel with large panels that display brightly colored abstract designs. His work has been exhibited at venues across the United States including the Smithsonian Institute, The Denver Art Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Art as well as internationally in Russia, Japan, Australia, Spain, Israel, Italy and Germany. He currently resides in Boise, Idaho, where he taught as a professor of art emeritus at Boise State University for 27 years before retirement.