•  From Carolyn Graham Edlund, Art Business Institute


    CE: In the consulting work I do with artists, I see a number of mistakes being made over and over again. One of the important basics when designing jewelry is to put together a line which is really cohesive, with a signature look that is distinctive and memorable. Many times, artisans create "some of this and some of that" which means they don't really have a collection that clearly belongs together or has a real concept. If you place your work on a display, would it be obvious to anyone that the same artist made everything? Do the designs work together? Do you have enough pieces in your line to provide the "wow factor" when seeing the collection as a whole? 


    Another mistake that can really sink your business is not having excellent photos of your work. Jewelry needs to be photographed well to make an impact and stand out. I've seen so many poor photos, with inadequate lighting, shadows, glare or inappropriate backgrounds. Don't fool yourself into thinking that a cell phone photo is good enough. It's not. Your competition has outstanding photos which are professionally taken, and they are the ones getting into shows and making online sales. You work hard in the studio to make beautiful jewelry. Shouldn't your images do justice to your talent and hard work? When selling online, you don't have the chance to meet the customer and place your jewelry in their hand. Fantastic photos (and multiple views of each piece) are the best way to show your work to a prospective online buyer.


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  • Charles Winkel
    Charles Winkel I have taken two classes in art work photography. Each instructor had different views on how to take pictures of my work. Cameras now use digital cards with umtine amount of pictures on them. I take multiple pictures with different lighting and back...  more
    January 11, 2016 - Report