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ON FIRE - Open a Store

  • The DOORS are open - and I would like to introduce the new


                                " GRAINS OF GLASS"






    Please look to your right for the "OPEN A STORE button" to apply for a store and  "Browse the Stores" button to see all the categories we have to offer.


      The "Open A Store" button takes you to the "Getting Started" page of all things you need to know - At the bottom of the page is the "Open a Store" button - there you fill out your list of products, create and design a  store and display your products - All very easy - 


    The presentation of your Store page is very important - the ON LINE Shopper needs to see the item up close and personal -to be able to know every detail of the art piece - technique, metal, hallmark, gem stone -


    A profile of yourself, your studio, your thoughts on design and quality connect you to your buyer.  Any credentials or awards should be added to your profile.


    As the products progress,  we will be happy to add more categories and sub-categories at your suggestions.



    Once the there are a sufficient amount of  stores ready to open for business, then Garfield will put a "SHOP On Fire" button on the "Public Page" of Grains of Glass. This public page has been re-designed - there are no more articles, forums, awards or events posted and the tabs are not open to the public - We hope to refocus public interest in our new on-line stores by making it easier to click on Grains of Glass and have a shopping button available without distraction.


     Any new members coming in will have a "sign in or sign on" button availabe on the public page to pass through to our private pages.    

    Its all up to you now to takes us VIRAL and set the "handmade" competition ON FIRE!