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On Fire - Product selling rules


    Hi Everyone,

    Gabor brought up a very good question about selling products through the "On Fire" store with the 2.5% commission charged and whether that same commission applies to a sale if the Artist sells to a buyer from their private studio. 

    I say "NO" -  if you can make a sale from your studio I will be very happy for you - I have no invested opportunity in that sale -    Just remove the item from the store if it is listed.

    I realize these occasional sales will take place - but I hope you will respect the honor system and not take advantage of using Grains of Glass as a promotion tool to move the buyer to your site or studio to make more sales. Or else my hard work will have been in vein and I will have to close down the store.

    I have added "terms of sale" to the Startup page since this question has been raised.  As we grow I am sure there will be more and I thank you for your in put.


    TERMS OF SALE:  All products listed and sold through each store  are subject to the 2.5% commission paid to Grains of Glass. 

    Products sold by the artist to a buyer in person from their private studio are NOT subject to the 2.5% commission.  It is our hope that every artist will respect the honor system when making a sale.