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Fold Forming with Charles Lewton Brain




    Rio Grande & Crafty On line courses now offers classes with Master Fold forming instructor Charles Lewton Brain -

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    Create More Fascinating Forms With Metalsmithing Secrets 


    Are you intrigued by the idea of producing one–of–a–kind jewelry with surface designs, textures and dimension unlike anything you've created before? Then join me, foldforming inventor Charles Lewton–Brain for Professional Foldforming Techniques — my online class from Craftsy and Rio Grande. Through seven on–demand video lessons, I'll teach you everything from foldforming fundamentals to using advanced skills for extraordinary results. 


    In this class, I'll guide you step by step through using my foldforming process to create organic metal forms with minimal effort. Along the way, you'll learn about the tools of the trade and all the techniques you need to create unique, impressive foldformed creations. 


    We'll begin by quickly touching on the history and basic principles of foldforming. From there, we'll explore how metal moves, and I'll discuss all the tools and skills you'll use for foldforming success.




    Next, I'll delve into foldforming techniques as I walk you through the process of creating line folds. These fundamental folds serve as a gateway to other, more complex folds. We'll cover how to create a variety of basic line folds, before moving on to forged line folds such as the elegant Ruger fold. 


    Once you're comfortable with these essential skills, we'll explore the creative possibilities that are opened up by cutting and forming techniques. During this lesson, you'll discover how to produce the star fold, the pleated fold and woven folds. I'll also explain how nature can provide you with a steady stream of foldforming inspiration. 


    Ready to tackle some more advanced folds? I'll teach you the basics for creating T–folds and a variety of wedges. As we progress through the lesson, you'll see how "unfolding" techniques can help you achieve an array of effects and shapes.


    Want to take your foldforming even further? You can with these advanced techniques. I'll teach you how to enhance your T–folds by applying chasing, before we uncover the secrets for executing elegant rolled and cross folds. 


    Discover new creative possibilities as we look at multiple methods for scoring and bending your work using a hammer, wire or a separating disc. Plus, you'll get inspiration for using these kinds of folds in your own work.




    Enroll in Professional Foldforming Techniques, and I'll also show you how paper forms can be a valuable resource for helping you design your own foldformed pieces.




    During my career as a goldsmith, I've trained and worked in Germany, Canada and the United States. Since 1986, I've been the head of the Jewelry and Metals Program at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Canada. I also collaborated to found the Ganoskin Project website, which is the largest educational site in the world for jewelers. 


    Along with metalsmithing and teaching, I've published two books including Foldforming and The Jeweler's Bench Book. Now, I'm looking forward to sharing my techniques in a new way on Craftsy, where you can watch and review my video lessons anytime you like. And if you have questions during my class, just ask, and your classmates and I will get back to you with answers. 


    I hope to see you in class, where you'll expand your metalsmithing expertise to create impressive forms for inspired jewelry!