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HELP! Bullseye Glass Co. being shut down

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    Dear Friends:

    It's been a crazy week. As you've probably heard, last Thursday Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued an unprecedented Cease and Desist order against Bullseye. In addition to the materials we had already voluntarily agreed to suspend use of, the Governor's order tacked on a list of metals that have never been detected at levels above state safety thresholds. With one stroke of a pen, she shut down 80% of our production.

    This news rocked our factory in Southeast Portland and sent shockwaves through the global art glass community. We have since heard from thousands of people asking what they can do to help.

    Here's one thing: Paul Tarlow of Helios Fused Glass Studio in Austin, Texas, has initiated an ingenious campaign to flood the Governor’s office with telegrams (yes, telegrams!) to send the message that what is happening in Oregon "has serious consequences for tens of thousands of people around the world."


    How to Take Part
    Today or tomorrow (May 25 or 26),

    Go to the website Paul created:
    Follow the directions for sending a telegram to Governor Brown. The page also includes a number of simple and concise messages.

    As Paul notes, sending a telegram isn't cheap, but "is less than a sheet of glass and if we don’t make ourselves heard there may be no more sheets of glass with which to create."

    We deeply appreciate the support we've received from around the world. Meanwhile, please know that Bullseye continues the work of installing required controls on our furnaces. We expect to have them in place and functioning in August.


    Your friends at Bullseye Glass Co


    PS For more information, please see our Environmental Information page. It includes links to updates, FAQs, and other useful info. You can send questions on this topic to
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  • Mary Rose
    Mary Rose That is truly shocking. I also read somewhere that Spectrum Glass has closed. Has anyone heard that?
    May 28, 2016 - Report