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Handmade Decal Making Class with Anne Dinan - Online





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    Thanks for your interest in my online Handmade Decal Making class. I am very excited to share my knowledge and passion with you.

    I have had many requests for this due to the difficulty of traveling, scheduling and even cost for a traditional class. I know a lot of you already from Facebook, my blog, and other social media forums such as Instagram and Flickr but I will introduce myself again via the biography section below.


    I have been using decals for many years and love the versatility of them. As some of you already know, my decal wall piece “Unknown Relatives” won second prize at the 2015 conference of The Enamelist Society. “Unknown Relatives” is now in the permanent collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation in Los Angeles.


    What fascinates a lot of people (myself included) is that the decals in “Unknown Relatives” were made from and inspired by old photos found on my family’s farm in the upper peninsula of Michigan. In this class we will learn about all aspects of decals including;  How to get great results with kiln-fired enamels  Alternative techniques for manipulating decals  Options for color  How to prepare photo for best outcome  Torch fired with decals  Troubleshooting  Finishing Additionally, I will show you how to hand color using china paints, over glazes, transparent enamels, distort, layer and many other techniques that I have discovered from years of exploration with the medium.


    We can even do a torch fire demo if you want. What the class asks for I will try my best to deliver. It should be a lot of fun. I am excited to share what I have learned through the years and look forward to see what each student does with the process.


    This will be a diverse and exciting group to be part of. I can’t wait to get started and hope you will join us. What you will need:


     Basic enameling knowledge  An HP or Canon laser black and white printer {see list below}  Decal paper.


    You can find out more by visiting these sites:



    I have left enough time for you to order the paper and get printer before the class in August. More Class Details When: August 2016 Cost: $150 through Paypal (at


    Payment is due July 15. Format: This is a self-directed class designed to maximize online capabilities. I will provide:  A detailed step-by-step instruction booklet that can be printed out and used as a handout.  Slide shows and videos.  I will share many of my personal discoveries with detailed descriptions of the process.


     Each student works at their own pace and all questions to me will be answered in a prompt, timely manner.  We will also have a private group on Facebook where all class members
    will share results, ask questions, etc.


    Class materials will be available beginning July 1 and will be sent out upon payment. The Facebook link will go live Aug. 1. I will be available to answer all online requests and questions from students from Monday, Aug. 1 through Friday, Sept. 2.


    Scholarships: Two spots will be available at a significantly reduced rate for those who cannot afford the full price. Send me a private email message if interested. Suggestions: This is my first adventure with an online class so all suggestions to make this a quality process are welcome. I believe one of the exciting strength of the class will be the shared collective experiences and experimentations of all the students.



    I attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and was always interested in glass and metal and studied welding, glassblowing, cast glass, glass fusing and more. After years of working separately with these two mediums, I became enchanted with the infinite potential of enamels, glass and metal combined. My inspirations come from nature and nature’s intersection with the industrial world. A few years ago, I created the internationally popular Trade Handmade Facebook page which connects thousands of artists from across the globe and teach enamel workshops. I also give private lessons to artists at my New Hampshire studio.

    You can find out more at