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  • Hi Folks,


    After 25 years of going to metalsmith/enameling workshops starting as a novice, I have written a multitude of notes that would rival the Library of Congress. Scratchings and scribblings put to paper as I frantically recorded the pearls of wisdom flying past me from every instructor.  At the end of each class, I promised myself that I would go back home and rewrite them in a more dignified manner - some made the cut, the remainder quietly live in a frenzied state of notebook madness. 


    As I read each and everyone one of them, it occurred to me that, these collective notes of acquired knowledge were liquid gold on paper. Passed on like family recipes from one person to another.   No great secrets but simple tips and suggestions that might not necessarily be found in a published book.  It is time to set them free before they follow me to the grave. 


    Look for my posting  IN GROUPS- "NOTEBOOK-pedia - and I hope you will share some of your own classroom notes. And remember to use the search box when looking for other topics.


    Keep it working!