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    Green Jewelry News

    Growing the Green Jewelry Movement

    July, 2014  



    Dear Trish,


    This month I will be teaching several classes at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, sharing my passion and knowledge about eco-friendly and ethical jewelry making practices. I hope you will be able to join me! (See below for class details.)


    Thank you for doing your part to make the world a better place!


    Christine Dhein

    Green Jewelry News



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    Ethical Jewelry with Christine Dhein

    July 20, 2016 from 9 am to 4 pm                              $199




    In just one morning, this class will give you all the information you need to green your jewelry business and meet the changing needs of your customers, as they demand more ethically sourced materials. In the afternoon, learn how to cast an ingot and make textured sheet from from recycled bench scrap! Learn more.



    Casting an ingot from recycled bench scrap

    Community Feedback:

    Recycling Bench Scrap - Green and Economical!



    Sterling silver box ring by Fiona Chiu


    Christine Dhein recently visited the Spring, 2016 Jewelry Technician Intensive class at the Revere Academy to share tips about eco-friedly jewelry making. One student put the information to use the same week!


    "I followed your advice on recycling our scrap metals during my studio time this weekend, as I needed wire. I used clean silver bits from all the sawing I've done in JTI so far, and turned them into a thin ingot (by carving out a strip in my charcoal block), then rolling further into wire. How convenient, economical, and green!


    Thanks for sharing your green jewelry tips. The information definitely made me be more conscious of our industry and how we can affect all of the people who are part of it."

    -Fiona Chiu

     Jewelry Technician 

     Vancouver, Canada


    Learn more about ethically sourced materials and how to cast an igot from recycled bench scrap in the Ethical Jewelry Making class. Details above. Recycling 24k bench scrap will also be covered Christine's Keum-Boo class, July 18-19. Details below.


    Keum-Boo with Christine Dhein

    July 18-19, 2016, 9 am to 6 pm          $459 + $185 kit


    Christine shares her knowledge and passion

    Keum-boo is amazing technique of bonding pure gold to the surface of silver with very simple tools! Use it to bring limitless design possibilities to your jewelry and add brilliant gold accents at minimal cost. Plus, the 24k gold can be recycled again and again in your studio! Learn more.


    Christine would love to see you in class, but if you are unable to attend, see right column for information on her Keum-Boo DVDs for learning at home.



    Keum-Boo Earrings by Christine Dhein




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    Ethical Jewelry Class

    Community Feedback

    Keum-Boo Class: Learn to Recycle 24k Gold Scrap


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    Green Jewelry Studio Project Video


    Watch the 10-minute video that documents Christine Dhein's 2013 MAG Grant project, The Bay Area Green Studio Project, 

    designed to help the next generation of jewelers learn about eco-friendly jewelry making and ethical materials sourcing.


    Fabrication 3: Construction 

    with Eco Tips


    Class Project by Jakkarin Iamnok


    Christine Dhein will be teaching Fabrication 3: Construction at the Revere Academy, July 22-24, 2016. She will share eco-friendly jewelry making tips throughout the class. Learn more.


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    Keum-Boo DVDs: Learn to Add Gold to Your Silver Jewerly From the Comfort of Your Own Home!


    Learn to make keum-boo foil from recycled bench scrap


    Keum-boo is an ancient Korean technique where 24-karat gold foil is bonded to silver or other metals. This produces a rich gold color, while using very little gold. The simplicity of this technique makes it a fun, inexpensive way to add gold to your work.  


    Plus, a special feature in DVD volume 2 will show you how to recycle your scrap gold or use 24k fair mined gold casting grain to make your own keum-boo gold foil.


    Ancient techniques combined with ethically sourced materials combine to create beautiful jewelry with a wonderful story about each hand that helped create it, from the miner to the maker.


    Order your DVDs today!