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GLASS On Metal Magazine- update

  • In speaking with Tom Ellis today, I got the skinny on whats happening with the publication of Glass on Metal magazine.

    Many of you have probably received the August 2016 edition this week- as I have - and overseas is probably still flying across.

    This last edition is the catch up of the 2014 subscriptions - unfortunately they are very behind, short on staff and writers.

    It is undecided as of late, whether the magazine will continue - it is their goal to keep pumping them out - but should a decision be made not to continue - all those who have paid for their subscriptions will be refunded. 


    As a writer myself, I know how difficult it is to come up with articles and ideas to keep readers interested, so I encourage all of you to dig into those notebooks and share what you have learned throughout your journey in enamel art. Many artists think it can only be about enamels but that is only part of the whole picture that becomes a DESIGN - Enamels have to be set and that includes metalsmith techniques, metal clay and mixed media.