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  • What you should consider when developing or improving the profile of your store?


    The "On Fire" stores are beginning to grow thanks to you and it is my hope that more enamellers will consider joining. Success grows when there is strength in numbers.


     It is far better to be part of a marketplace exclusive to your art, cost you nothing and won't swallow you up inside pages of other mixed media artists . 


    We have to wear a lot of hats as artists - I know personally, because I had a business and I had to deal with customers face to face. It took a lot of hard work, marketing, word of mouth, and never saying NO.

    We are the designer, sales person, accounts receivable, acounts payable and store merchandiser and many of you also may have another job.  It can be exhausting because basically all we want to do is create not deal with the business end,

    BUT..... this is where artists need the most improvement - Merchandising!!!  Big business pays specialists to create ads on TV, radio, and the internet to sell their products to us consumers - we little guys have to come up with our own tactics. 

    Where artists fall short is their lack of presentation of their stores and products. I can scan pages on- line of jewelry and not look twice because the store looks so un-interesting-

    When your store looks dull, it is telling the consumer you haven't put much effort into your brand.

    Just think about how many times you have walked along the street and never looked twice at some shops because their windows lacked the excitement and color that would draw your eye right to the front door.

    Having an online store is not any different and as a matter of fact with this new generation of on- line shoppers, facebook, and twitter - you have a much larger audience coming your way.



    So design your Store page in the best artistry that will kick start the buyer's interest in your enamel pieces.  If you can be creative with enameling then you can also be creative with your store front.

    Remember : Color, photo, window display-  BRANDING!

    Speak to your audience with interesting descriptions of each piece of enamel. The time spent creating, the fine enamels used, the precious metal underneath- and the best descriptions of your creative process to educate the consumer. .

    Your store set up allows you a wide range of space to sell yourself to the buyer - 

     Use the power of Facebook, Twitter, and WORD OF MOUTH - 

    The holidays will be approaching shortly - now is the time to look over your store front and see if it needs some improvement - start building up inventory, stimulate buyers to your store by announcements, emails, friends, family, business associates.


    If your not pro- active - neither will your store be active - There is a whole purchasing world of buyers on line - lets get them!!


    Keep it working,