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Florida Society of Goldsmiths-Conference

  • Conference:  Nov. 12 & 13, 2016 St. Petersburg, FL 33701

    Sat. Nov. 12

    8:30–4:00 Registration and Raffle ticket sales, cup sales.  Coffee & Water available at Restaurant.

    9:00–4:00 Vendor Room – Room 202

    10:00–11:00 Lecture 3rd Floor – Keynote by Charles Lewton-Brain

    11:10-11:45 Trunk Show on the High Seas: Sailing Beyond the Comfort Zone by Karen Tweedie.

    11:45-1:00 Lunch

    1:00–2:00 Lecture3rd Floor – Design by Brenda Smith

    2:15-2:45 Lecture3rd Floor What Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up by Julia Woodman

    3:00–4:00 Lecture 3rd Floor – Panel discussion of Selling Your Work:

     with Michele Tuegel, Adrienne Gaskell, Melissa Yungbluth

    4:30 Raffle Drawing / Silent Auction Closes Room 101

    5:00-9:00 Gallery Opening, bar, hors d’oeuvres

    5:30 Jewelry Show Awards by Charles Lewton-Brain, in the Morean Gallery

    Sun Nov. 13

    8:30–4:00 Registration and Raffle ticket sales

    9:00–4:00 Vendor Room– Room 202

    10:00–11:00 Lecture 3rd Floor – Crafting Error- Thinking Through Things by Phil Renato

    11:15-11:45 Demonstration of3D Printers by Jackie Kaufman

    11:45-1:00 Links in a Chain Necklace Raffle Drawing – Lunch break

    1:00–2:00Lecture 3rd Floor My Etsy Success, It’s not SEO by Deb Blazer

    2:15-2:45 Demo -   How to Use Paste Solder by Beth Katz

    3:00 – 3:30 Demo - Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club – Lapidary (stone cutting)

    4:00 Silent Auction Closes Room 101


    Monday, Nov. 14th – Workshop 3D with Phil Renato (2 days), see below

    Monday, Nov. 14th- Design Workshop with Brenda Smith (1 day) – see below



    Sat. Nov. 12,

    10am, Keynote Speech: Charles Lewton-Brain

    11:15 Trunk Show on the High Seas: Sailing Beyond the Comfort Zone by Karen Tweedie

    Designer/metalsmith Karen Tweedie has been doing trunk shows on cruise ships for 10 years.  She shares her challenges and adventures, the good, the bad, and the glamourous of this niche jewelry market.

    1pm Brenda Smith, Design Lecture – Finding inspiration.

    2:15 What Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up by Julia Woodman

    As an empty nester and retired Army wife, I decided to discover what mischief my new surroundings could possibly offer, I chose to explore Atlanta. I loved art but knew nothing about it..SCULPTURE! Yes! Attend Georgia State? Yes!  Learn silversmithing and blacksmithing?  Heck yes!!


    Known for being a Studio artist and teacher; Fulbright Fellow, certified master silversmith in Finland (first American); exhibitions: Tiffany & Co, (NYC), Goldsmith Hall (London), Signature Shop & Gallery (Atlanta); collections: Boston Museum of Fine Arts, High Museum (Atlanta), Cathedral of Saint Philip (Atlanta), Temple Sinai (Atlanta), Georgia State University, Victoria Albert Museum (London).

    3:00  Panel discussion of Selling Your Work:

    Panel Members:

    ·         Michele Tuegel, owner of  Michele Tuegel Contemporary Gallery,

    ·        Adrienne Gaskell, award winning jewelry artist, .

    ·        Melissa Yungbluth, Curator of Morean Arts Center, Potter,

    11:45-1:00 Links in a Chain Necklace Raffle Drawing:

    FSG is asking for all artists to donate a link for a chain/necklace (or two) to be raffled off.   Each link should be of the artist’s own design, with a jump-ring or other method of attachment at each end. 

    To enter the drawing send a link and $5.   Additional tickets are $25.  It is not necessary to be present to win!  You may still enter the raffle without adding a link for $50. The chain(s) will be on display at the FSG conference.  See for more details.



    Sun Nov. 13, 10am, Crafting Error- Thinking Through Things. by Phil Renato

    What do the interfaces between theory and application, intent and rendering, source and work look like? Are the things that we covet and consume peripheral to, directly drawn from, or atomized into our creative output? How does an artist collect, make sense of, parse, and ultimately benefit from their various influences? This lecture is based on a collection of essays and photographs undertaken in 2015 and published as a book in the fall of 2016. Crafting Error addresses fundamental and idiosyncratic questions about influence and creativity in the context of a specific body of CAD/CAM based jewelry that has evolved over the past decade, from highly ordered to the curated chaos. This lecture will contain very fast moving images and video, loud music, and irreverent opinions on the state of craft.


    11:15am Demo3D Printers – Alex and Jackie Kaufman

    This demonstration will focus on new technologies and how they can be incorporated into high-end jewelry design. Displayed will be a FDM plastic 3D printer (Makerbot Replicator 2X), a high-resolution resin printer (B9 Creator), and a wax-mill (Roland MDX-15). The machines will be operated by Alex and Jackie Kaufman from Rock My World Inc, who use these machines in their every day business. Attendees will be able to see the machines operating, handle pieces, and ask any questions about this new-age tech.

    1:00pm  My Etsy Success: It's not all SEO, you know. By Deb Blazer, former president of FSG, will talk about her escalating online business and give tips to aid in building a more effective online presence. Topics covered will include customer service, SEO (search engine optimization), photography, pricing, product design and efficiency. She will touch on common fears of operating online and offer advice to help you thrive in this new sales venue.

    2:15 -   How to Use Paste Solder Beth Katz This informative demonstration will show you when paste solder can assist in easier soldering, and the particulars of how to use this form of solder.  Several of these demonstrations are planned during this time, to allow participants to move to better viewing positions.   Presented by the owner of

    3:00 – 3:30 Demo - Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club – Lapidary (stone cutting) An informative demonstration about gemstone cutting and introduction to the local Mineral and Science Club.  Affiliated with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, they have a clubhouse with a well-equipped lapidary and faceting shop and offer classes in metal working and jewelry as well.




    This is NOT a production class, but a class for those with the technical skills required for jewelry fabrication. In this class, we broaden our “tool box” of resources through a series of creative exercises that expand your thought processes.  Some design principles explored are: the use of contrast; texture, size relationships, repetition, color, symmetry, asymmetry and contrast. These principles help you to create your own, unique, one-of-a-kind designs and collections.

    Through exercises that force us to NOT use our usual methods of creating and decision-making, we discover surprise shapes and forms than can be combined to create designs we might not have thought of otherwise, using tools such as a sketchbook, tracing paper, colored pencils and foil. You are encouraged to experiment, push and refine your designs by asking yourself, “What if?

    Brenda Smith Jewelry LLC    

    "the art of fine jewelry"

    Supply List:

    Students are asked to bring pictures of jewelry torn from magazines, whether or not you like the jewelry pictured.

    Notebook and pen. 

    DATE: Monday, Nov. 14th, 2016. 9am-4pm, break for lunch, café on-site.

    At Morean Arts Center, 719 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL 337701

    Register at




    WORKSHOP: CAD Craft (using Rhino to extend the hand and brain)  Workshop with Phil Renato on 3D modeling


    The fundamental creative skill is research. In some cases, about form, in some cases about material and process, in some cases about site/fit/function, and in still other cases about concept. This workshop will focus on learning about and acquiring basic 3D modeling skills in Rhino as a catalyst for individual research and practice beyond the workshop.


    On day one - all basic 3D modeling terminology and interface mechanics will be covered, followed by an extended session of designing various band rings - things that are similar to symmetric lathe turning and asymmetric milling machine wax patterns. These drawing and -revolve- functions will be covered multiple times in multiple ways. Each participant will design approximately 12 rings. The best of these from each participant will be chosen and printed on the 3D printer we will have on site. Homework will include sketching original 3 stone rings using synthetic round and princess cut stones that will be on site.


    On day two - any tune up demos from the previous days will be performed in order to answer any questions on basic band design and critical craft skills related to Rhino will be reinforced. The homework sketches will be the basis for a number of bezel, half bezel, and prong design demos, which will be followed by extended in class work time and additional demos as necessary. Rings will be checked and improved as critique, and final designs will be rendered, exported as STL files, and uploaded to Shapeways to be ordered in wax or metal. Sources for additional learning will be covered in depth.

    To sign up:






    Jean Marie DeSpiegler

    Executive Director

    Florida Society of Goldsmiths