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Sydney - Enamel Artists

  • Thank you Sydney Chapter!!

    Thank you Lyndan Blackman for bringing us all together!





    I arrived in Sydney, Australia on Oct. 1, 2016 - 

    Our wonderful Sydney members came from near and far to meet me at the Sydney Harbor Hotel: Vanessa Levy-Messman, Rowena Lai, Ann Thompson,Sally Aplin, Lyndan Blackman and Jimmy Lim.

    I dug deep into my personal collection of enamel pieces made by many of our GOG members and brought them to the meeting, so that everyone could see the beauty of your work up close and personal, and they brought their own work to show me. It was a love fest of enamels. This is the first time that I have met everyone from Sydney, but it was like we knew each other forever.



    The city of Sydney from the 47th floor of the O Bar



       Ibis Bird walking around the Harbor



     Aboriginal Musicians at the Harbor




    The Sydney Opera House