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From Scambusters- ebay ID's for Sale



    eBay IDs for Sale - 

    For our second Snippet this week, we switch to the murky world of the dark web and identity theft.

    Specifically, eBay identities. A recent court case revealed that eBay account details, including sign-ons and passwords, are being offered for sale.

    Crooks then use these compromised accounts to scam other eBay members. This can leave the real account owner facing claims for compensation.

    People at both ends of this scam are at risk.

    Action: From the account owners' point of view, it underlines the importance of regularly checking your eBay account, even if you are not a frequent user, to check it's still accessible and not being used by anyone else.

    It also adds emphasis to the practice of regularly changing your password and using different passwords for each online account.

    For the buyer, there's the risk of paying for something you never receive. In this case, it's important to check if the purchase is covered by eBay's or PayPal's protection service before you bid.

    If you pay by credit card, you likely will also be protected through the card operator.