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From Scambusters - Google Docs SCAMS


    Google Docs Trick

    Another new source of stolen identities is a clever trick that uses the credibility of Google Docs, the online document creation tool, to convince victims it's genuine.

    Victims receive an email from someone they know -- in fact, it's an account that's been compromised and the scammer is mailing out to everyone in the account's address book.

    The message asks the recipient to check out a document or PDF on the Google service.

    On the face of it, it seems safe since the victim doesn't have to download anything.

    But the link takes victims to a phony Google page that looks like the real thing, where they're asked to sign on. Bingo, the crooks have the victim's Google sign-on details.

    The victim's address book is also now compromised and the whole process starts over.

    Harvested Google IDs are then sold to underworld dealers.

    Action: Set up two-factor identification on your Google account. If you're not sure how do this, see our earlier issue -- -- or search for more info online.

    With this security in place, you'll know there's something wrong if you're not asked for your verification code.