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FSG Workshop in Argentium Silver

  • Florida Society of Goldsmiths Workshop - Argentium - fusing and Hollow forms - with Jenny Reeves




    It was a COLD in week Florida sharing a workshop with my dear friend, the Master Blaster Torch Firing King , Chris Hierholzer - I joined him to re-learn granulation, and fusing in Argentium Silver with instructor, Jenny Reeves - The granules are a head banger- and now I know why I stopped granulating - between the eye drops, the cursing, and the head banging, there was not much left of my sanity-





    I was also never a fan of the metric system - my brain wasn't trained that way - too many mm's- not enough inches - but that is how we worked all our projects and after one day I became best friends with my digital caliper and I ate those mm's like they were candy. Now there's not one polishing wheel I can't identify or a bur I haven't met. I highly recommend taking a course with Jenny Reeves the next chance you get. Oh, and if you are lucky enough, to partner up with Chris, he will share some of his own metalsmith tips.
    Thats all for today! A passage to India is next on the calendar!