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2018 Enamel Symposium - Stuttgart


    ENAMEL 2018 - 7th Experts' meeting on enamel on metal
    The State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart
    7th-8th of June 2018
    Dear colleagues,
    Founded in 2006 in Château de Germolles and meeting again in 2008 at the Villa Medici in Rome , the international network consisting of enamel enthusiasts (conservators, art historians, scientists, enamellers) convened every two years. The 7th biennial conference will take place in Stuttgart from June 7th to 9th, 2018 on invitation of the State Academy of Art & Design.

    The registration is now open for this next Experts' meeting.
    Please go to the conference website to find all the information related to this meeting (including the list of accepted contributions):
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    Looking forward to meeting you all in Stuttgart!

    Agnès Gall-Ortlik
    ENAMEL network leader
    ICOM-CC Glass and Ceramics WG Assistant Coordinator