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Silver- It's NOT Always About Making Jewelry


    Antibacterial Silver is so common in Leisure Wear that Radiologists are Warning Patients About MRI Burns-

    Patients undergoing MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) are routinely asked to remove all metallic belongings from the scanning area as well as clothing items that contain metallic fasteners, hooks and unusual zippers. Although reported in the American Journal of Neuroradiology in 2013, radiologists recently have been stepping up their warning to patients about leisure wear, especially yoga pants, that contain silver threads because of the growing popularity of antibacterial clothing.

    There have been increased incidences of reported cases of thermal burns caused by invisible silver-embedded microfibers in fabrics. At the University of California - Los Angeles’s Medical Center, patients are warned: “As the prevalence of fabric containing non-detectable metallic microfiber increases in athletic and ‘tech’ clothing, the importance of having patients change into safe facility-provided garments before MR imaging is emphasized.”

    In other words, change into a hospital gown.

    The hospital even named several brands by name: Athleta, Columbia Omniheat, Duluth Trading Co., Juzo USA, Lululemon and Tommie Copper.

    It took radiologists a while to realize that the silver threads were causing the issue because there was no visual indication of the metal being in the fabric. Now, radiologists are asking patients who are wearing any clothing with tags that state ‘anti-bacterial’ or ‘odor-free’ to change, because chances are strong that the fabric contains silver.