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Workshops - Fall 2019 - with FSG

  • presents Modern Masters 2019

    Wildacres Retreat, Little Switerland, N. Carolina. Oct. 21 – 27, 2019

    We check into on Oct. 21st (a Monday) and after 5 days of classes, we leave after breakfast on the Sunday Oct. 27th.


    $950 Early Bird Member Pricing, includes 5 day (same class), room, and meals.  Join Today at



    Between the Precious Glass Folds: Etch, Score, Fold, Stitch, Enamel…Repeat!

    Instructor Alicia Jane Boswell  


    A workshop on non-traditional construction methods & application processes in vitreous enamel.  Construction & fabrication of enameled jewelry or objects is predominantly based on the very nature of enamel, its fragility, precious characteristics and realistically how it reacts with the metal surface underneath. Planning can often be tedious and time consuming and can naturally cause hesitation in regard to a final design. This hesitation also can lead to fear of experimentation in regard to vitreous enamel as a creative material choice as an artist, jeweler or maker.


    This workshop will begin with students etching copper or silver sheet utilizing the process of electro-etching to create exciting textures, imagery & patterns on metal. The class will quickly move on to a variety of demonstrations that explore alternative fabricating techniques like score & fold, tab & fold & sewing/stitching with wire before the process of enameling begins. Students will be given paper templates or guides to create multiple finished samples which can then be turned into functional objects or jewelry.


    Although the students will leave with a basic understanding of the traditional technique of Champlevé, the primary focus of this workshop will be on pushing the boundaries of the application of enamel to non-conventionally constructed three-dimensional forms in metal. Preparation of metal and application (wet or dry) will be discussed. With an open mind, attention, and respect to the material choices and processes, these alternative methods can be quickly utilized to create interesting three-dimensional forms to then enamel. Allowing for color experimentation and surprises, but also freedom to question and push boundaries with the decorative, precious, and fragile qualities of vitreous enamel as a material choice.  This workshop is perfect for beginners as well as experienced students.




    Instructor John Cogswell



    locket’  (one of the most beautiful of all poems by e. e. cummings)

    Here is the deepest secret nobody knows

    (here is the root of the tree and the bud of the bud

    And the sky of the sky of a tree called life which grows

    Higher than the soul can hope, or the mind can hide)

    And this the wonder that’s keeping the starts apart

    I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)


    Up for a good challenge?  Ready to hone and broaden your design and fabrication skills?  Participants in this workshop will focus on the design and fabrication of lockets.  All lockets are pendants, but not all pendants are lockets.  Lockets are hinged pendants, that when opened, often resemble a butterfly.  Hence, the halves are often referred to as ‘wings’. Popularized in the mid-nineteenth century (during the Civil War), lockets were originally designed to hold personal, nostalgic mementos, like a strand of hair or a photograph.  Topics we will cover include: Locket design (including what you want it to contain), and construction; soldering and assembly techniques; hinge construction; and simple closures. Intermediate/Advanced Level Competent metalworking and soldering skills required.


    Bench Tricks for Goldsmiths, Tool Conversions and Alternatives

    Instructor Charles Lewton-Brain




    This bench tricks and hacks workshop focuses on changing and adapting existing tools and equipment.  It is about seeing tools in new ways, solving problems and creating new solutions to tooling, processes, and technical procedures in jewelry making.  It is about homemade tools and bench tricks to speed your production and understanding of goldsmithing. It includes a loose, eclectic collection of shortcuts, working tips, and alternative equipment options for goldsmiths; decades of goldsmithing tricks gathered together.  Jeweler’s secrets and unexpected sources for tools are described.  There is an interactive workshop brainstorming component. 


    Fabricating with Gold and Silver

    Instructor Paulette Werger







    This workshop will focus on working with silver and combining it with gold in a variety of ways to make interesting and out-of-the-ordinary jewelry. Explore fusing, soldering, inlay, fabrication and alloying. Re-use and re-work old gold scrap and combine it with silver in a new way to add value to your sterling and avoid the costs of working entirely in gold! This workshop exposes the student to classical techniques as well as the practical shortcuts for making work efficiently. Lots of tips and tricks will be discussed and demonstrated.

    Intermediate/Advanced Level Competent metalworking and soldering skills required.

    Scholarships are available thanks to donations from FSG members like you, and support from the Bob “Rowbear” Kemper Fund, which is administered by the North Carolina Community Foundation.


    If you are interested in assisting us in scholarship funding, donations as small as $5 can make a difference - email Jean Marie DeSpiegler at


    Jean Marie DeSpiegler
    Executive Director
    Florida Society of Goldsmiths, 719 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701