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HOT NEW BOOK by Karen Cohen coming soon..




    Karen L. Cohen will have the second edition of her well received book, The Art of Fine Enameling, released on Nov 1, 2019. She’s been working hard for over a year to bring out this totally revamped enhanced edition. It includes contributions from about 170 enamelists, 10 new contemporary projects, many mini-projects (not full step by step by enough info to do them) and a very extensive section on supplements and add-ons including glow powder, mica pens and enameling with cat hair. Most projects have a set of variations and a technique gallery to show how other artists creating with that technique do things differently, thus expanding the reader’s learning experience. In addition, the comprehensive trouble shooting section has been updated and expanded. Lastly, there are about 450 finished enamels, this time used to illustrate a point being discussed in the text (not just in general galleries). This hardcover edition (website might say softcover but it’s hard) is currently available for pre-order at Amazon at: