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Alisa Looney 2019 Workshops

  • July 8-12, 2019

      Go into depth with enamel on steel at our Bend, Oregon Studio. 

    Alisa is excited to offer this 5 day workshop to up to 5 participants who want to spend so quality time with this craft.  We will begin by studying many samples, and learning what is possible with each technique. Participants will have 5 days to develop work while creating their choice of Panel, Wall Relief or sculpture, as well as test pieces and jewelry. You will learn to cut and shape the steel, how to prepare the surface for enameling, apply the ground coat and fire in the kiln. Next you will add the white granular spray layer and sgraffito methods to achieve fine detail with ease and control when drawing images, textures and marks in glass while also learning firing temps and techniques. Add depth and color with color spray and sgraffito, painting with Watercolor Enamels, Acrylic Enamels and Enamel Crayons, and explore with layering and highlighting using various tools for marks, effects and textures. The possibilities will expand your horizons!

    Three spots left,