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Portugal - Marcelo Bessi - ARGENTINA


    MARCELO BESSI - Argentina - Freak Enamel Workshop



    I am flying off to Porto, Portugal tomorrow to dive into the "Bessi Effect" with Marcelo Bessi, from Argentina who will be teaching a workshop in "Freak Enamel" May 18,19,20, 2019 -


    ...... a word from Marcelo

    "I started with my “firing tasks” when I was 20, helping to my mom… She does very beautiful enamel works.

    So, it was my first job. But from the very beginning, I was fascinated about the firing process. Of course, I made many mistakes, but it was just the beginning.

    She is obviously the most influential enamel artist that taught me. But not the only one.

    Now, I am impressed, and admire hundreds of contemporary enamelers around the world.

    And my students… I have the honor to have taught enamel to more than 800 people… and everyone of them, gave me something back.  I appreciate very much the sharing of not just techniques, knowledge and  practices, but emotions too…

    In 1989, I started my own business, making small plates, some wall pieces and sculptures, mostly with a “geometric and cosmic” view.

    I have exhibited some of them, in Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Russia…

    At the same time, I started to give seminars, about my new discoveries. (Beyond Argentina, in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Ukraine, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica)

    And here comes the “reflection” point, that definitively made me be absolutely involved in enamel.

    First, I discovered oxidation, obviously, forgetting some white enameled works in the kiln… Then, I tried to "save" them by covering with flux… and after a new firing, some pale colors started to appear, as turquoises, greens, cream…

    But well...then I forgot again my work, that was covered with flux. And then… wow!!!

    I discovered red, orange and gold on it! I was amazed.. I could not believe what I was I tried once again, and the result was fantastic and different each time…

    Later, I went deep into tempering process, which is, I think, the richest  that may exist, talking about drastic color changes.

    I never stop researching, and teaching. And when I have time to play, well, I do some sculpture…

    My deep wish is that the enamelers community may grow and be connected as a big brotherhood."