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Tom Ellis Upcoming Workshops - Fundamentals in Enameling

  • W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation


    Fundamentals of Enameling

    Learn to control results by discovering and understanding the fundamentals of enameling.
    Become proficient by knowing procedure and material relationships and their importance to each other.
    Predict what should happen and be able to understand what you see happen. Repeat a procedure and have it come out the same each time.

    Assimilate a resource of information that you can draw from to decide what steps you may want to take in your pursuit of making enamel art.

    WWCEF Workshops’ primary goal is to introduce to you as many procedures/techniques and materials used in enameling as the two daytime frame allows.

    Who Should Take These Workshops?

    Anyone who wants to become accomplished in enameling. You do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience. We start from the beginning and what you need to know to enamel successfully will be taught. 

    For more information and to register for workshops, call Tom Ellis at 859-291-5901.