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Zooming with Guilded Lynx



    I hope that everyone is doing well, or at least the best they can, during these very unusual and trying times. Guilded Lynx is closed and will be closed until it is deemed safe to resume classes. I don't think anyone has any idea when that might be. 



    In the meantime, Stephen Parker has offered to teach a FREE class via Zoom - Intro to Rhino, a computer program used to design jewelry sometimes referred to as CAD. He is proposing to offer the class as two three hour sessions one week apart. We have not specified dates. Those who are interested can decide the dates with Steven. Maybe two Wednesdays or Thursdays from either 1:00-4:00 or 9:00-12:00? I know that some are home schooling and others are working from home. 

    See below for class description. For those who may be interested in taking this class please e-mail Steven directly at" target="_blank"> or you can always email me at