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ONLINE Metalsmith Courses - with Vivi Magoo

  • The Academy by Vivi Magoo


    Our newest addition to Vivi Magoo, The Academy, will offer online classes in a variety of styles - Live, on-Demand, and a Hybrid of both. Taught by instructors you know and love, and, in typical Vivi Magoo style, some new and talented upcoming designer-instructors who will dazzle you with their creativity and energize you with their unique style. 

    Live classes 

    will allow our students and instructors to connect in real time - not only for the purpose of teaching and learning, but also for the express purpose of connecting and forging friendships and relationships amongst our Vivi Magoo family. 


    will give you the flexibility of viewing and learning at your own pace and on your own time table. 

    As with Live and Hybrid, our On-Demand lineup will include a private and protected chat room where you can connect with others in the class, share photos and videos of your accomplishments, pose questions, offer tips and techniques, and socialize with your friends in a private and protected safe space. 


    This unique version will combine live instruction with pre-recorded videos, live demos and printed instruction handouts. The recorded videos will give you an up close and personal bird’s-eye-view of the process, and you’ll have access to those videos for a period of time after the class ends so you can practice your way into a groove of muscle memory - insuring retention of the skills practiced and learned. 

    ONLINE: Starry Starry Night with April Bower


    We have just completed our second session of online classes with April, and they just keep getting better and better.
    It’s been a quick pivot from in-person to online classes, and everyone is making the adjustment in lightning speed, including students and instructors.
    It’s been a steep learning curve for all, and everyone can be proud of their successes in such a short time frame.

    Lots of beautiful jewelry is coming out of April’s online classes – here are just a few photos.
    Designing with Argentium and the ability to fuse this metal are techniques added to our skillset and will be used to create beautiful jewelry for many years to come.

    Next Up


    We have good news and an opportunity to share with you.
    Registration is open for a new Academy class featuring April Bower.
    You can find more information on our Academy web page.
    These rings are examples of what you can create or choose a design of your own.
    Want to create rings? Yes! April has included instruction on creating an adjustable shank.
    How about a pendant? Sure.
    Earrings? Why not!
    Your choice to design what you want – using techniques of depletion gilding (reticulation), fusing, pearl cutting, setting stones (or pearls!) and more in your creation. 
    You’ll have a chance to create your own unique rings as you follow April at her bench. 
    Be a virtual “fly on the wall,” watching as she creates these lovely rings in her own studio.
    As with all of us, things don’t always go as planned, and April shows you, through this series of videos, how she either corrects the issues or pivots to an alternative – often a better option than the original. 
    Many of you have expressed a desire to participate in future classes with April, and this is your next best chance!
    With limited seating, we are certain this class will sell out quickly, and we want to give you, our special Vivi Magoo online family, the opportunity to grab a seat before we open registration to the general public.
    This class is going to be incredible – a unique focus – and invaluable to each of us who experience similar “oops” moments in our studios.

    >>>A Ring Class: Fused and RetIculated - A Study in Contrasts

     You may have unfinished projects lingering in your studio (who doesn’t!), and this may be an opportunity to finally complete them.
    Or, you may be inspired by April and create something new with confidence in your newfound ability to work through any complications or issues encountered.

    Reticulated and Fused: a Study in Contrasts

    Have questions? We’re here to help. We hope to see you in class next month!
    Our best,

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