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Metalwerx - Virtual Classes

    Berlin Iron Jewelry
    Today, we often see jewelry made from silver and gold but in the 19th century, it was common in Europe to see jewelry made from iron! After Napoleon's invasion of Prussia (now Germany), citizens were encouraged to give their gold to Prussia. In exchange, they received iron jewelry, which is known today as Berlin Iron. To learn more about Berlin Iron Jewelry, click here.
    Kaede Weave Chain Maille
    with Karen Karon
    November 3 + 5, 2020
    Quick Enameled Earrings!
    with Tanya Crane
    November 8
    Simple and Elegant Earrings
    with Paulette Werger
    November 10 + 12
    Two days into WEEK ONE of the
    Virtual Makers Symposium
    and there is much more to come!!
    Here's what's up next this week!
    Wednesday, Oct 14th
    4:30PM EST
    The Twisting and Turning World of Lapidary with Azurz
    Thursday, Oct 15th
    4:30PM EST
    Micro Welding in the Jewelry Studio
    with Patrick McMillan
    Friday, October 16th
    12pm EST
    Jewelry Studio Set-up: From Beginner to Professional with Jeff Georgantes
    4:30PM EST
    Fretz Spinner Rings and Alluring New Tools with Bill Fretz
    Saturday, October 17th
    12PM EST
    Sturdy Stone Settings with Structural Bezels with Jim Dailing
    This week's metals and jewelry theme song is...
    by Paul Simon
    Your video for the week:
    Spotlight on V&A Jewellery Collections
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