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Make Your Own Watch Workshop


    From the Mailbox, Merry Lee Rae

    Opportunity awaits!

    What Celeste says about the watches:


    The purpose of this kit is to enable you to create enamel watches that you can use to generate income, give as gifts or have for yourself. Enamel watches are rare - almost nonexistant in the United States. To the best of our knowledge, there is no other watch company in the world that has invested the time and resources to allow you to create a coveted cloisonné or other type of enamel watch dial.
    This is an extremely unique opportunity to be part of a very special breed of artists that are changing the watch industry. How it works The Enamel Watch Program is a Two Step Program Step One You begin by purchasing your Enamel Well Kit. In the kit you will receive three enamel wells and an optional inspection/sanding jig. The wells will hold your artwork and the inspection jig will help you ensure your artwork is technically correct. Although three wells are supplied in your kit, you are not obligated to have any made into watches. If and when you are happy with your artwork, send us your finished piece or pieces in the enclosed box.
    Three wells were supplied so that you could practice and experiment. We know that making a piece that meets your expectations and our specifications isn’t easy. When we receive your dial (after admiring your unique artwork) we will inspect it closely, measure it and make sure that it can successfully be made into a watch. Additional wells can be purchased separately. Step Two is the Watch Service Contract. When you have completed your enamel art in the Enamel Well, it’s time to have your beautiful Enamel Dial built into a Watch! When you are happy with your enamel dial, please send it to us in the box that was enclosed with the Enamel Wells. You may want to insure your artwork when mailing it. When we receive your dial (after admiring your unique work) we will inspect it closely, measure it and make sure that it can successfully be made into a watch. We can correct minor issues, such as light sanding if the dial is slightly too thick but it is in your best interest that you finish your dial to your standards before sending it to us.
    You as the artist will best know your own vision and complete it within your best standard. If your dial needs more than 30 minutes of our time in order for it to function in the watch case, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed. Beyond making sure the enamel dial is the proper thickness, making a watch from your dial involves these procedures: Adhering your dial to a special thin brass plate which allows the movement (the working mechanism) to be attached to it. Fitting the movement to the dial. Setting the hour, minute and second hands to your dial. We offer two styles of hands. Please let us know which you would like. Carefully fitting the stem to fit correctly with the dial in the case. Installing the crown. Installing gaskets so that the watch is resistant to water entering the case during normal use. Sealing the case. 72 hours of integrity testing including moving the watch between three positions and monitoring for accurate time keeping of the watch.
    When the watch passes testing with flying colors, it is given a serial number which is engraved onto the back of the case. The watch is fitted with a quality watch band and placed in a display box or purple travel case with a certificate of authenticity and warranty information. We provide a metal or leather band that normally wears well for around two years. Please let us know the color band you prefer: Black, Dark Brown, Honey, Purple, Electric Blue, Olive, Cranberry, Turquoise or Red. A Celeste enamel watch has an unusual guarantee in the industry. It is not guaranteed for 1 or 5 years, as are other quality watches.
    It is guaranteed for life, with one caveat- it is Celeste’s life. May she live long and prosper! We warranty the watch to tell time and the sapphire crystal to remain clear and intact. We do not warranty the integrity of the enamel work itself. You, as the artist may do that, if you so desire. We also provide lifetime batteries so when it's time for a new battery, simply send it in for a replacement. We will ship your completed watch to you in secure packaging. Our turn around time is 2-3 weeks. We love working with you and appreciate your trusting us with the work you have spent many hours completing. We are proud to work together with you to build your fine work into a functional timepiece.