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Silver - Always Giving Back!

  • Another Great invention with Silver -

                                                             The Forever Pen


    Silver Composite Makes “ForeverPen” Possible

    Are you always looking for a handy pen – and one that never runs out of ink?

    Inventors of the ForeverPen make their writing instrument tip from a silver composite that, instead of leaving behind ink, or, in the case of a pencil, graphite, the ForeverPen oxidizes the writing surface and leaves a mark. The developers, who are seeking backers on Kickstarter, say that the pen never runs out of its ability to write; in essence it will write forever.

    The pen is about an inch long, making it easy to carry on a keychain. The developers say that the propriety silver composite nib is based
    on a centuries-old drawing technique – ‘silverpoint’ – used during the Renaissance period and known to have been used by Leonardo da Vinci. Other artists who used the technique include Jan van Eyck, Albrecht Dürer and Raphael.

    The nib writes smoothly and on almost any material, the developers say. It leaves behind grey marks similar to a regular graphite pencil writing on paper. Over time, exposed to air, the marks tarnish to a warm brown tone.

    The nib will never wear down, never needs refilling, works underwater, needs no sharpening and can write in any position, even upside down. The rest of the pen, other than the silver tip, is either made of titanium, copper or brass, whichever the buyer prefers.

    The sharpened tip can also double as a box opener.

    The product will be available as soon as August for US$34. The Kickstarter has already raised almost US$380,000 even though the developers only sought US$3,470.