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Bringing Back Fred Ball - Judy Stone

  • Hi Everyone,


    Its great to see Instructor Judy Stone from California is now taking the out of print book, Experimental Techniques in Enameling by Fred Ball  into some workshops -  Over the years I have been taking his Chapters and posting in Groups -" Fred Ball" - so if you need more information as you follow the workshop, it is on this site.

     Judy Stone Online Workshops

    I will be teaching 3 online Zoom workshops for Pocosin Arts this summer on the important book which was published in 1972 and has been out of print for at least 4 decades, The Experimental Techniques of Fred Ball.
    Experimental Techniques Part 1: Liquid Enamel, June 16 & 23rd
    Experimental Techniques Part 2: Inlays and Overlays, July 7 & 14
    Experimental Techniques Part 3, Foil and Mesh Structures, August 19 & 26




    Have fun, Trish