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ELECTROFORMING - and Enameling - with Terry Henry

  • I have been an avid follower and student of Terry Henry's classes - I took her first class before the Pandemic in Tucson during the Gem and Jewelry Show-
    If your looking to learn something new she has a wide variety of classes and I highly recommend her workshops - and you can ZOOM with your pjs on! 
                    A found Crab which I electroformed in Terry's Class -

    Summer Class Updates

    Dear Students and Friends,

    Wow, it’s been a busy time! The ISGB Gathering has taken up much of my time.  Many of you who attended know I gave a talk on Twice Electroformed and Enameled Organics. I will be teaching a class, building on this topic mid October.  I can’t wait to share these new techniques and see what magic you create! 

    If you haven’t yet taken any of my classes, you’ll be glad to hear that my series of classes are starting up again soon! I will be offering the prerequisite beginning class, Electroforming on Glass in early July, followed by Electroformed Organics.

    Many of you have taken several of my electroforming classes and have lots of components ready for use. You’ll be happy to hear that my much-requested Wire Wrapped Floral Assembly class is on the schedule! If you would like a short class to create the glass components needed for the Wire Wrapped Floral Assembly class, I will be offering a one-day session called “Headpins, Flowers & Disc beads”.  Unlike my other classes, this class has no prerequisites.

    My web design team has created an amazing calendar, making it easy to see at a glance all of my upcoming classes. You can find the details for each class in this newsletter and on my website. Make sure you sign up on the class page, there are now links in the calendar to the class page. 

    I have missed interacting with you. The Gathering was fun and seeing many of you in our sessions made it even more special. I hope to see you in class.  If there is a specific class you are waiting for let me know… So, until we meet again, please stay safe, stay occupied. 

    All my best,


    How the classes work:

    • Classes will be presented in a Zoom format. 
    • Each class will have its own FaceBook Classroom with videos and instruction available at any time -- for as long as Facebook is willing to host the page. Lessons only on this page.
    • A FaceBook Question and Answer Group Page - where we will all interact for 30 days. The page will be archived, and available to view. 
    • Admission to Terry Henry's Facebook Student Gallery Group for you to share your creations.
    Equipment not included, however, links are at the bottom of this newsletter for a great deal on your own set-up!  This class uses both the Zoom and Facebook platforms. Students will need a free Facebook account.

    Find out more about class supply lists and details available on by visiting my website.  

    Electroforming on Glass   - $100 

    The Electroforming on Glass class is a very basic class that introduces the student to the fundamentals of electroforming and includes everything from how to set up your electroforming tank to the science behind what is going on in the tank. The project for this class is electroforming on a glass bead.  

    Pacific - Los Angeles Time 
    This class will meet on the following days:

    July 5*, 2021    1:00-4:00  - Let's get started - setup
    July 11, 2021      1:00-4:00 -  The next steps
    July 18, 2021     5:00-7:00  - Class Follow up Q & A

    *Monday, July 5th is a holiday for most people in the US.

      Sign up!  

    * Electroforming Organic Materials - $125
              *Prerequisite of Electroforming on Glass or instructor approval. 

    This class is all about Electroforming Organic Material.  I cover electroforming basic plant material, flowers, leaves, and pods; along with critters (a dead lizard), feathers, and shells. The class project will be whatever organic material you want to use -- you will provide your own dead lizard (if desired) and other organic material.

    Pacific - Los Angeles Time 
    This class will meet on the following days:
    July 25, 2021    1:00-4:00 - Preparing and Processing Organics
    Aug 1, 2021        1:00-4:00 - The next steps
    Aug 8, 2021       5:00-7:00 - Class Follow up Q & A

    Sign up!  

    Headpins, Flowers & Disc beads - $125
              *Prerequisite - lampworking experience  

    Instruction focuses on the creation of :

    • Free-form floral headpins
    • Headpins using a bellflower and leaf presses
    • On mandrel flower components 
    • Nesting components
    • Different style of leaves
    • Stamens and stamen cane
    • Buds, pods, and hollow headpins
    • Disc and fan beads.

    All headpins will be made on 24 gauge nichrome wire appropriate for this design. Supply list available on the website.

    *Pictured above are examples of floral headpins made on 24 g nichrome wire. 

    Pacific - Los Angeles Time 
    This class will meet on the following days:
    Aug 14, 2021       2:00-5:00     Class Day
    Aug 15, 2021        1:00-5:00     Class Day
    Aug 21, 2021        5:00-7:00    Class Follow up  - Q & A

    Sign up!  

    Floral Assembly - $125
    Prerequisite:  All headpins used in the Floral Assembly Class must be made on Nichrome wire. Recommend enrollment in Headpins, Flowers & Disc Beads Class or purchase a premade kit.

    This class focuses on the assembly of a necklace comprised of handmade glass flowers, buds, and leaves on a disk base. Students will leave class with a finished product that is a unique and wearable one-of-a-kind piece of art.

    Students supply their own headpins or purchase an optional materials kit for $80. Details on the website.

    Pacific - Los Angeles Time 
    This class will meet on the following days:
    Aug 22, 2021        1:00-5:00    Class Day
    Aug 28, 2021        5:00-7:00    Class Follow up Q & A

    Sign up!  

    Lasting Impressions - Molds and Etching - $125
    *Prerequisite of Electroforming on Glass or Terry's approval.

    "Lasting Impressions" focuses on the reproduction of your electroformed creations or copying elements to use in electroformed pieces. I have used cameos, parts of action figures, previously electroformed pieces, or anything your imagination desires.  These techniques will take your work to “the next level”! Skills include making a mold to create a wax positive and then using the wax positive in a project.  In addition, students will learn to etch while electroforming.  

    Pacific - Los Angeles Time 
    This class will meet on the following days:
    Aug  29, 2021        1:00-5:00 - Let's Get Started
    Sept  5,   2021       1:00-4:00 - What else can we do?
    Sept 12, 2021        5:00-7:00    Class Follow up Q & A 

    Sign up!  

    Enameling Electroformed Organics - $125
    *Prerequisite of Electroforming Organics or equal experience. 

    This class shares a technique I have been working on for a while. Once a component is electroformed it can be enameled like any copper shape.  The only difference between an electroformed organic component and a stamped or cut copper shape is the detail preserved within the element.   I will share the nuances of enameling electroformed leaves, flowers, and shells. Come join me in this exciting new class! Supply list and details available on website.

    Pacific - Los Angeles Time 
    This class will meet on the following days:
    October  17, 2021        1:00-5:00
    October  24, 2021       1:00-5:00
    October  30, 2021        5:00-7:00    Class Follow up Q & A 

    Sign up!  

    Order your Electroforming Kit
    Electroforming Kits have been developed for electroforming classes and are available from Micro-Tools. This kit contains almost everything needed to start and continue your electroforming journey.

    Electroforming Materials Kit Includes : 
    • Rectifier (DC power unit 5 amp)
    • Conductive paint -2oz
    • Midas Bright Copper Electroforming Solution
    • 20 or 22 gage sheet copper for Anodes
    • 24 gauge copper wire - 1 spool
    • 8 gauge wire for tank set up 12’
    • 600ml Beaker-includes 3 beakers
    • Copper Tweezers
    • Soft Brass Brush 
    • Paint brush-Synthetic bristles

    Kits do not include the following, but they are recommended for the Electroforming on Glass class:
    • Copper Scrubbie
    • Micro Glass Beads - .2 mm size
    • Face Bead
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