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FROM THE MAILBOX - Metalwerx Virtual & In house Workshops

  • A silver spiral bracelet on white background Spiral Bracelets

    Instructor: Emily Glimp
    May 20, 10 am–5 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    In this 1-day onsite workshop, you will learn about cold-working in wire while making a fluid bracelet of spiral links! We'll start with  copper wire to create a "sample card" and demonstrations of several methods of making spirals and variations on the symmetrical spiral link before we spend the afternoon completing a spiral bracelet in sterling silver, with an incorporated clasp-closure.

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    The front and back of a pin designed to look like a woman on the phone Pin Back Perfection: Brooch Pins and Catches

    Instructor: Marissa Saneholtz
    May 21–22, 10 am–12 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop

    Brooches aren’t just for grandmas! In this demo-focused virtual workshop, Marissa will guide you through one of the most difficult aspects of making a brooch: the pin back.

    You'll learn the basics of a successful pin back, the difference between a left-handed and right-handed mechanism, and how to make both single and double stem pin backs with corresponding catches. 

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    Two views of a newly finished ring Introduction to Jewelry Making

    Instructor: Will Vanaria
    May 21–22, 10 am–5 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    Looking to dip your toes in the vast waters of jewelry making and metalsmithing? Join this "crash-course" into jewelry basics! This two-day onsite workshop will teach you the fundamentals of jewelry making through a series of projects, building your knowledge all while crafting a textured band with bezel-set stone. You'll learn fabrication techniques, hot connections, texturizing, finishing, ring sizing, and bezel setting.

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    Four necklaces From Sea to Setting: Drill, Rivet, and Solder Beach Treasures

    Instructor: Allison Keast
    June 5, 10 am–5 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    In this workshop, you will turn a beach treasure like a stone, glass, or shell into a new and beautiful piece of jewelry. You will learn how to cut, drill, and carve into your glass or stone, while adding silver accents to make a pendant. You'll leave with a finished piece as well as the skills needed to make more wearable beach treasure jewelry.


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    A beaded necklace with a large silver piece at the center with flowers on it Building Botanical Beads: In Person!  

    Instructor: Taylor Saleem
    June 10–12, 10 am–5 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    Taylor Saleem's virtual classes have been so popular, we decided to invite her to Metalwerx to lead a special in-person version of her most popular class, Building Botanical Beads! Over the course of three days, learn how to make your own botanical beads with hands-on guidance from Taylor in this special onsite workshop. You'll make botanical motifs and imagery and translate them into metal cut-outs and ultimately transform them into a dimensional bead. You'll leave with a wealth of methods to create beads for future jewelry projects as well as a completed botanical beaded necklace. 

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    An enamel bracelet and pin Creative Cloisonné with Color, Layers, and Light

    Instructor: Ricky Frank
    June 10 + 17, 10 am–1 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop

    In this demo-focused virtual class you will learn enamel layering techniques that will help advance your cloisonné enameling skills. The course will focus on six basic techniques that Ricky uses to create unique color layers. We will begin by learning these skills and then explore cloisonné design as we combine layers both within and between cloisonné wire cells. 

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    A mesh-style cuff bracelet with a gold center bar Fusing Powdered Metals to Steel

    Instructor: Bette Barnett
    June 13–16, 2 pm–4 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop


    In this virtual workshop, you will learn how to create high-impact mixed metals jewelry by fusing metal powders to steel. Over the course of four days, we'll cover the basics of steel sheet and wire, how to create your own metal filings to fuse to steel, how to fuse gold and other metals to a steel surface, and how to patinate and seal your mixed metal jewelry.

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    A pearl necklace Pearl Knotting

    Instructor: Mary Stachura
    June 17, 10 am–3 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    This popular one-day onsite class focuses on learning the proper knotting techniques and termination methods for pearl jewelry. You'll learn some of the main types and shapes of pearls like freshwater, saltwater, cultured, natural, Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, and more, as well as how to buy a good strand of pearls, how to spot fakes, and how to care for your pearls. We'll learn several termination methods and explore possible design challenges and solutions.

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    Earrings and the dies used to create them Dies Three Ways

    Instructor: Jayne Redman
    June 17–19, 11 am–6 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop


    In this virtual workshop, you will learn three ways of die forming that will let you reproduce your designs quickly and accurately. We'll cover silhouette dies to make rounded relief forms in metal, carving contour (or non-conforming) dies for complexity and detail, and self-registering dies to quickly cut out the shapes you conceive. You'll be amazed at how easily you can go from original idea to duplicated shapes by making and using your own dies during this class!

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