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From the Mailbox - Go Virtual with Metalwerx

    Two cloisonne necklace pendants Creative Cloisonné with Color, Layers, and Light

    Instructor: Ricky Frank
    June 10 + 17, 10 am–1 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop

    Last chance to register for this virtual class! Learn six basic enamel layering techniques that will help advance your cloisonné enameling skills. We will begin by learning these skills and then explore cloisonné design as we combine layers both within and between cloisonné cells.

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    A striking metal brooch by Bette Barnett Fusing Powdered Metals to Steel

    Instructor: Bette Barnett
    June 13–16, 2 pm–4 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop

    Last chance to register! In this four-day virtual workshop, you will learn how to create high-impact mixed metals jewelry by fusing metal powders to steel. Bette will cover the basics of steel, how to create your own metal filings to fuse to steel, how to fuse gold and other metals to a steel surface, and how to patinate and seal your mixed metal jewelry.

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    Metal cicada jewelry made with electroforming Isn't It Electric? Introduction to Electroforming

    Instructor: April Wood
    June 16, 23, and 30, 10 am–12 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop

    Electroforming is an electro-chemical plating process in which metal is deposited onto a model (object). In this demo-focused virtual workshop, you will learn this technique step-by-step, including preparing models for the electroforming bath, how to set up their own bath, the plating process, and how to finish the object once it is metal.

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    Pearl necklace being tied expertly Pearl Knotting

    Instructor: Mary Stachura
    June 17, 10 am–3 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    Our popular one-day onsite workshop all about the proper knotting techniques for pearl jewelry! You'll learn some of the main types of pearls like freshwater, saltwater, cultured, natural, Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian; as well as how to buy a good strand, how to spot fakes, and how to care for your pearls. We'll learn several termination methods and explore possible design challenges and solutions. You'll also have the chance to purchase directly from the inventory of Stachura Gemstones & Pearls!


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    A collage of dies and die-formed jewelry Dies Three Ways

    Instructor: Jayne Redman
    June 17–19, 11 am–6 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop

    Want to be able to reproduce your designs quickly and accurately? In this virtual workshop, you will learn three ways of die forming that help you go from original idea to duplicated shapes with ease. We'll cover silhouette dies to make rounded relief forms in metal, carving contour (or non-conforming) dies for complexity and detail, and self-registering dies to quickly cut out the shapes you conceive. 

    Editor's note: in our newsletter last week, there was a typo misstating the dates for Jayne's class, Dies Three Ways. The correct dates are listed here, June 17-19. Sorry for any confusion caused!

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    A custom set of measuring spoons Measuring Spoons!

    Instructor: Joy Raskin
    June 18, 10 am–5 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    Spoons are surprisingly easy to make! In this one-day onsite workshop, Joy Raskin will guide you through how to craft a simple set of measuring spoons using wire, sheet metal, and just a few tools. You'll hone fundamental metal fabrication skills including annealing, dapping, wire manipulation, soldering, and finishing/refining as you make your very own custom measuring spoon set. 

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    A hinged bracelet Hinged Bracelets

    Instructor: Pay Flynn
    June 27–July 1, 10 am–5 pm
    ONSITE Workshop

    Spend five days in-person at the Metalwerx studio with renowned jewelry maker Pat Flynn in this immersive bracelet masterclass. You will learn the ins and outs of perfect small-scale hinge making and build yourself a precision box lock mechanism. Advanced metalsmithing skills are required for this fabrication intensive workshop.

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    A stamped piece of sheet metal and necklace made with the same pattern Stamp-bossing: Embossing with Stamps!

    Instructor: Matthieu Cheminee
    June 27, 29, and July 1, 10 am–12 pm
    VIRTUAL Workshop


    In this demo-focused virtual workshop you will learn how to make the tools needed to achieve the stamp embossing technique. We'll cover four styles of embossing tools, different backing elements to use during the embossing process, pattern layouts, how to properly use steel, and more.

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