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My Entry into Enamelling

  • Well I come from a painter's background and was enticed into jewellery making by way of lampworking (glass beadmaking).  The colors and methods really appealed to me.  It wasn't just the color.  I love working with tools and once I got over the hesitation of using a torch, it all came together.  I use a Nortel Minor torch and an oxygen concentrator.  You'd think with this set up that I would've moved into enamelling sooner than I did but it was 5 or 6 years before I made that step.

    And to think I actually had a dozen powdered enamels from some garage sale acquisition already

    stored in my basement along with some copper sheeting!  So now I've tried enamelling (torch fired only thanks to Barbara's method) and I love this!.  The learning curve is not so steep that it's discouraging and not so easy that it gets boring.  So once I get past the "enamel anything within reach that's copper phase" I hope to post a few pics here soon.