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Visiting the Fabergé exhibition in Vienna May 2014

  • Short visiting note about  the Fabergé Exhibition in Vienna May 2014

    I payed a visit to the Fabergé exhibition in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.  There was one large room with dimmed light and no photos were allowed. Therefore, all the pictures shown here were taken from the beautiful catalogue.

    Only four Imperial Easter Eggs were shown: the Kremlin egg, the royal ship egg, the siberian railway egg and the unfinished last glass egg from 1917.

    There were many jewels,also by other goldsmith masters, some items of every day life ( cigarette box ), many miniature pictures of the czar family. The exhibited objects proved a perfect craftsmanship in metalsmithing, enameling, cutting and handling of precious stones, etc. which was characteristic for the factory of Fabergé with sometimes up to 500 employees! One of the favorite techniques was the guilloché  for the metal surface. some beautiful pieces are shown.

    My wife and I visited also the Royal Treasury Chamber with beautiful ceremonial objects representing the power and wealth of the Habsburg emperors. Many of the exhibits contain enameled parts.