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Transparent red

  • A question from a brand new member. Does anyone know of a reliable transparent red that may be used over bare copper? I have had this problem for years and do not have the luxury of being able to first lay down flux. I do a lot of repairs so the base metal is questionable. The majority of the pieces are pure copper but in the case of the transparent reds, the metal may be guilder's metal / tombac. Nothing is known for sure. The enamels I am repairing [restoring] are leaded so I have stayed with that format. Am going through my old Thompson colors and buy Ninomiya as needed. Tried the Thompson unleaded but their extended firing time became a problem when using other colors on the same piece. Excited when I found a Schauer red listed for bare copper but was GREATLY disappointed with the quality of the enamel. There were hard white specs that remained in the fired color and remained sharp to the touch. Hope there is someone out there that can help. What a WONDERFUL site.........Karla