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SNAG - Post-Conference Enameling Workshop with Barbara Minor

  • SNAG Post Conference Workshop - with Barbara Minor - Minneapolis, MN – April 27,28, 2014
    Images illustrate a few of the techniques to be taught.

    Enamel Surfaces: Patterns and Markings
    Learn inspiring, decorative enameling techniques that quickly yield colorful, exciting and complex enameled surfaces while also gaining essential information and skills for successful enameling using opaque enamels.
    This workshop will allow participants to explore a variety of enamel surface design techniques. Use dry screen printing, found or purchased stencils and scribing through layers of powdered enamel to achieve vibrant, detailed patterns and spontaneous designs. Draw on etched enamel surfaces with graphite pencils, enamel crayons/pencils/markers, grafitto paper and various metals (copper, silver, gold, steel) to develop images, details and surface marks. Add iron oxide, ceramic and luster decals to quickly create repeat designs, realistic images or a lustrous surface. 
    Students will also learn how to make iron oxide decals and photo emulsion screens for dry screen printing via demonstration and discussion.
    Enameling essentials to be discussed and demonstrated include enamel types, properties and application; metals to enamel on; enamel/metal cleaning/preparation; kilns/kiln furniture; particle size choice; reasons for counter enameling; dry, sifted enamel application methods on flat/slightly formed metal; the importance/creation of test tiles; edge/surface finishing and setting possibilities. 
    Using the various techniques demonstrated, students will work on and fire pieces suitable for technical reference or possible use in finished pieces. 
    Instructor will have a variety of flat squares and pre-formed pendant or pin shapes for students to purchase. Students are welcome to bring copper circles or shapes of their own design, but should limit the size to 2” – 2.5” but no smaller and 1”.
    All skill levels welcome.
    Materials fee
    Here's the link to the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center where the workshop will be held. You register directly with them