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Workshops Barbara will be teaching - September 2014

  • There are still a few places open in the class I'm so looking forward to teaching at the Genevieve Flynn Studio in Kansas City, MO later next month (September 22-26, 2014). 
    Topic is Colorful, Exciting Surface Designs Using Opaque Enamels
    Learn inspiring, decorative techniques that quickly yield colorful, exciting and complex enameled surface designs while gaining basic information and skills for successful enameling. Create complex, decorative enameled surfaces through use of a variety of innovative techniques. Patterned screens for dry silkscreen printing will be used to achieve repeat patterns and detailed designs. Found or purchased stencils and use of rubber stamps allow for creation of varied and unusual designs. Scrafitto, or drawing through layers of powdered enamel with a pointed tool, yields imaginative designs that are free and spontaneous. Inlaid of glass seed beads create additional detail. Use these techniques separately or together with opaque enamels to create diverse results based on your ideas. Enameling basics will include metals to enamel on, fast/easy methods for cleaning metal prior to enameling, particle size choice, reasons for counter enamel, and dry enamel application methods on flat or slightly formed metal. Edge finishing and examples of setting options will be discussed and demonstrated. Students will have time to work on and fire pieces using the various enameling techniques demonstrated. Pieces created in the workshop can serve as examples for future reference or can be suitable for setting with other jewelry techniques and materials. .