Working Large: A Journey into Industrial Enameling on Steel a week long workshop with Judy Stone.

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    June 17-June 21 at The Crucible in Oakland, CA


    Working Large:  A Journey into Industrial Enameling on Steel
    Week long class with Judy Stone
    June 17-21, 10 AM to 6 PM at The Crucible (
    Cost $630 (including materials)

    Beginning level class limited in size to 10 participants

    Take part in this weeklong intensive class to explore large scale enameling on steel. In this class we will draw, paint, airbrush, silkscreen, stencil, and much more with industrial materials on 2-D surfaces.  We will also incorporate traditional jewelry enamels, under- and over-glazes, foils, and the "kitchen sink" of enameling into the pieces to both have fun and create art.  We will fire onto pre-coated specialized steel panels.  We are fortunate during the class to be able to take at least one field trip up to Santa Rosa, CA to visit the factory that makes enameled signs and has worked with many artists over the last 12 years.  In addition to working  with smaller  pieces that can fit into a 20" kiln, each student can work on a larger panel (up to 4' x 4') that will be fired at KVO industries in Santa Rosa.

    This class is especially useful for those wanting to find a great medium that can be installed outdoors as well as used for to create everyday functional objects that can be in limited production or are truly 0ne-of-a-kind.

    For further information about the class, transportation, or lodging please contact Judy Stone (

    About Judy Stone:
    has been enameling professionally since 1972. She sells her work primarily at retail crafts shows throughout the U.S. and has taught all over the U. S. Besides her enameled copper sculptural vessels she produces commissioned enameled steel wall pieces for low income housing projects in Southern California. Stone is head of the enameling department at The Crucible.

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