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  • My first exhibit as an enamelist was an organized show on the streets of Greenwich Village. Some judges came by and said that I merited a prize (well! hurrah), but, oh, wait, enamel, glass on metal, was a craft and thus ineligible for a prize as art. This seemed crazy as I was showing framed abstractions hanging on a wall.

    I have since had a lot to do with enamel groups, societies and guilds, and it gradually occurred to me that such groups had a tacit view of the field of enameling not that different from those unsophisticated judges. Most enameling being done is jewelry and craft objects, and, thus, enamel as fine art gets much less attention from enameling groups.

    I am trying to develop an organization to promote enameling as fine art or expressive art, art which hangs on the walls of museums.  Thus, I am proud to be the founder of Advocates for Fine Art enameling (AFFAE). Advocates for Fine Art Enameling, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2014.

    The purpose of AFFAE, Inc. is to support an appreciation for the the very special characteristics of vitreous enameling in the production of fine art.  

    AFFAE, Inc. will encourage creation and exhibition of expressive art sculpture and wall hangings that are recognizable as primarily vitreous enameling.  

    We will work to inform the general public about this medium and encourage artists to use vitreous enameling for their own expressive art.  

    Fine art is such a small part of the enameling field, we think the effort can use all the support we can muster.  

    Howard Eisman

  • Charles Winkel
    Charles Winkel Good luck with what you want to accomplish, but it will do you no good. I have been attending fine art shows and arts and craft shows for years. I have been teaching the masses about what enameling really is, with mixed reviews. Take it from experience,...  more
    June 20, 2015 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Jennifer Carey
    Jennifer Carey This is a great idea and long past due. Is there a website or other information?
    April 4, 2016 - Report