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Fine Art Enamellists - Howard Eisman

  • This blog is designed to acquaint readers with the work of enamellists who are working in fine art, that is, representational and abstract images designed to deliver a specific message or emotional tone , as opposed to decorative art.

    Howard Eisman

    Howard Eisman  has said that his art is designed to convey the message that life can be a colorful adventure. Thus, he tries to emphasize color and the illusion of movement in both his figurative and abstract art.

    “Double play” is a baseball term for an event that consists of swift movement and acrobatic skill performed before a shouting crowd of enthusiastic spectators.  In his enamel on copper piece, “Double Play”, (25″ x 37&Prime.  Eisman tries to capture his moment of excitement.  This enamel is in the W.W Carpenter Enamel Foundation Art Museum in Bellevue, Kentucky

    The companion pieces, “Orpheus” and “Eurydice” are both 36″ x 22″, enamel on copper three dimension sculptures. They are meant to be displayed on a pedestal.  The figures, which protrude from their background, are portrayed as heroic and mythical.  The background colors are meant to further define the nature of their personalities.

    “Stride” (36” x 25” ) is a free standing sculpture installed in a garden. It is an abstraction which conveys the sense of incisive and spirited,  self assured movement. It is made with enamel on cut, shaped, and hammered copper. The base of the enamel is painted wood.


    “The Klezmaniacs” (16.5” X 12&rdquo  enamel on copper and silver, conveys that rampant energy and wild music of a Klezmer band. Their lively, festive music is represented by the texture of the background, the colors and silver wire symbols on the copper to their left.

    Howard Eisman  fondly remembers Bill Helwig, who was such a great help to him.