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Different types of enamel

  • I've been sorting out a few boxes of enamel powders that I got from a friend who recently passed away. He had lots of different types of enamel and I wonder if anyone could help me with how the different type compare and what they are used for.

    I have these types of enamel powders:

    transparent enamel, opaque enamel, under-glaze painting enamel, over-glaze painting enamel, stain, jewellery enamel, Trans glass enamel, ceramic pigment, china paint, flux, on-glaze colour.

    These are my questions, but any other insights into their uses and differences would be useful:

    I know that jewellery enamel has a higher degree of glass compared to painting enamel. But is jewellery enamel the same as transparent enamel?

    Presumably Trans glass enamel is the same as transparent enamel?

    Is flux the same as clear transparent enamel?

    What is stain?

    I'm guessing ceramic pigment is the same as painting enamel, but the containers don't state under-glaze or on-glaze so is there a naming convention?

    Is on-glaze colour the same as on-glaze painting enamel?

    Finally, is opaque enamel somewhere in-between transparent enamel and painting enamel, i.e. it has more pigment than transparent enamel but not as much as painting enamel?

    Thanks for your help