Blogs » Olivia's classes and Funstuff a news letter about jewelry/art related things in San Francisco

Olivia's classes and Funstuff a news letter about jewelry/art related things in San Francisco

  • Hey Ya'll,
    Happy 4th of July! Go out and enjoy all that summer has to offer with county fairs and fun.
    Don't forget to Face book the Sharon Art Studio at you can also face book me at Olivia Competente

    Summer class Registration for Sharon Art Studio is On going Classes have Started, there are tons of workshops and classes that start later in the semester still open! Don't let them get canceled register now! To get more info on classes go to to register go to

    Artistic Bead Work-Delia Munoz

    Learn simple techniques for stringing, wiring and knotting, as well as easy to master techniques for more complex projects. Class will cover: intro to Beading Basics, Jewelry Strung from Beads, and Wired Bead Jewelry and Earrings, and Woven Bead Jewelry.CLASS INFORMATION: 3 weeks in Jewelry Studio
    Tuesday | 10am - 1pm | 8/7 – 8/21 | # 26681
    CLASS FEE: $53 members | $63 non-members & $35 payable to D. Munoz

    Need 3 more to make it a go

    Intermediate Artistic Beaded Techniques-D Munoz

    Take creativity to even greater heights with beads by making original, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces anyone can learn how to create! Learn advanced techniques for stringing, wiring, weaving, and the more complex but easy to master projects. Class will expand on topics such as intro to wire basics, beading, jewelry strung from beads, wired bead jewelry and earrings. This course is designed for advanced students, and previous knowledge of basic beadwork is needed.

    CLASS INFORMATION: 4 weeks in Jewelry Studio
    Monday | 10am – 1pm | 8/6 – 8/27 | # 26682
    CLASS FEE: $70 members | $80 non-members & $35 payable to D. Munoz

    Need 5 more to make it a go

    Plique a Jour Enameling- O. Competente

    Learn the advanced techniques of Plique Au Jour Enameling, or enameling without a back. Learn the ins-and-outs of making your own mini stained glass-like enamel piece. We will be using PMC and traditional saw-pierced methods. Previous enameling experience is required for this class. Need 3 more to make it a go

    class information: 4 weeks
    Saturday | 1:30-4:30pm | 7/28 -8/25 (no class 8/4) | #26647

    fee $70 members | $80 non-members & $65 payable to O. Competente

    China Painting- D.Competente
    Learn the art of china painting! This class offers beginning students an introduction to paints and
    practices and instruction in technique. Continuing students have a chance to work on individual
    projects and perhaps pick-up some helpful hints!

    CLASS INFORMATION: 2 Sessions, 4 or 10 weeks each
    Monday | 6:30 – 9:30 pm | 7/30 – 8/27 (No class 8/6) | Carousel Room | #26646
    CLASS FEE: $70 members | $80 non-members Needs 4 more to make it a go

    Fused glass Jewelry, Fun and Sparkle-O.Competenete

    Love pretty, shiny jewelry? Learn the fun of fusing glass to make your own one-of-a-kind jewelry. Class will cover fusing irid glass, dichroic glass, silver leaf in your work, and glass etching. Materials fee covers most glass and supplies for class. Students must have basic glass cutting skills.

    class information: 4 weeks
    Sunday | 11-3pm | 7/29 – 8/26 (No class 8/5)| # 26648
    CLASS FEE: $88 members | $98 non-members & $50 payable to O. Competente


    Instructor: Delia Munoz

    Love leather? Want to try a new medium? The central focus of this class will be to create and design leather projects. Participants will learn to cut, emboss, dye, paint and decorate leather, using tools and sorted leather punches provided by the instructor. Students are welcome to bring PMC and fused glass from other classes to incorporate in their designs. Go home with a one-of-a-kind piece! This workshop is great for both beginners and advanced students! All tools necessary to finish your project in class will be provided.

    Class info:1 Day Jewelry Studio

    Sunday 10am-4:30pm, 7/8 26297

    Class fee $82 Materials Fee $45 Payable to D Munoz

    Needs 2 more to make it a go

    Instructor: Roberta Smith

    Working with metal oxides and overglazes mixed with various oils creates what are known as “painting” enamels. Painting enamels give the enamellist a means to achieve fine detail and the immediacy of the hand-drawn line, as well as to simulate delicate watercolor washes. This enameling technique, sometimes known as Limoges, first appeared in medieval Limoges, France, and is practiced most prolifically today in Russia. In this workshop you will learn how to prepare a small piece of copper prior to applying and firing painting enamels. You will learn how to prepare painting enamels as well as the different methods of working with the material.

    Class info: 2 days Jewelry Studio

    Saturday and Sunday 10 am -4:30pm 8/4&8/5#26295

    Class fee $54 Materials fee $40 to R Smith

    Need 4 more to make it a go

    Events and Sales

    Support your local artist!

    For all you textile lovers out there Thai Silk out in Los Altos is having a great sale in house. now till the 20th of the month. Sliks of all sizes, colors and styles will be on sale for about 25%. For more info go to

    On July 6th-8th is San Mateo Bead show. An off shoot of the San Mateo Gem Faire this is a great place to get beads, findings and tools. For more info go to

    On July 13th-15th is the Gem faire in San Rafeal. Not to be mistaken for the San Mateo Gem Faire this is different. This gem faire is smaller and deals with many beads, findings and minerals. For more info go to

    On July 14th and 15th Konko Church will be having its' Summer festival and Bazaar. Sample Japanese food, drinks and more. Including crafts and bingo. 11:30-6pm Saturday July 14th and 11:30-4:30pm July 15th. 1909 Bush street(corner of Bush and Laguna)

    Museums and Galleries

    The Womens Artist Gallery has it's new show this month with an open recpetion on Thursday July 12 from 5:30pm till 7pm for more info go to

    For all you fashion folks head over to the Jean Paul Gautier exhibit at the De Young. It is tripy and controversial, but great to view- Spoiler don't be creeped out by the talking mannequins. For more info go to

    Farmers Markets Off the Grid

    'Tis the season for farmers markets and the bounty of spring is coming. So here are a few of the best in the are and the ever popular off the grid food truck gathering:

    Glen Park Village Farmers market on Sundays 10am till 2pm at the glen park Bart Station

    Haight Street Farmers on Wednesday 3pm-7pm at the turn around on Stanyan and waller by the police station and Kezar stadium

    UCSF farmers on Wednesdays 10am till 3pm at 505 parnasuss

    Inner sunset Farmers on Sundays 10am till 1pm at the parking lot Btw 8th and 9th ave

    For more info on Farmers markets go to Francisco County

    The grand daddy of all Farmers market since the 20's is the Alemany farmers at the parking lot off of 280. every Saturday from 6am till 1pm. for more info go to

    Best place for off the grid is Fort mason every Friday evening from 5pm till 10pm. Enjoy food trucking with a view. Dress warm and bring your own table. For more info go to

    Guilds in the bay area

    ! Join a guild- meet like minded folks, have fun, share skills and support a community. Don't let these organizations go the way of the Dodo!

    SF Bay area Silver clay guild. This guild of all things PMC and Art Clay meets once a month from February till November every 3rd Sunday of the month in various locations around the bay area. For more info go to

    Northern California Enamelist Guild. For all of you who love all things glass on metal. A great way to learn more for masters in the art. Has a great library and workshops. A gem that should not go dull. For more info go to

    Bead Society of Northern California. For all of you who love beads, beading or the love of adornment. The Bead Society meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the 4 Points Sheraton in Emeryville. They also have northern California's biggest bead bazaar once a year. For more info go to

    Metal Arts Guild. One of the oldest guilds in California. The place for folks who love all things metal-fabrication, casting, fold forming and much more. Meet masters and learn from them. For more info go to

    Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild. This is the guild for all of you who love textiles, want to always play dress up or just love the idea of hand made garments. This guild covers most aspects of adornment and where to wear them. For more info go to

    Friend of the Sharon Art Studio-O.K. not a guild but a really great organization that helps support programing, community outreach and more at the Sharon Art Studio. If not member become one-its' a good thing. for more info go to

    Carpe Diem,