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    May 7, 2015

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires the disclosure of any treatment done to a natural gemstone when it is non-permanent, or requires special care to retain the benefit of the enhancement, or if the treatment has a material effect on the value of the gemstone.

    How should these treatments be communicated? Ask you dealer about the stone and the codes-

    N = not enhanced

    D = Dyeing

    HP = Heat & Pressure

    O = Oiling/Resin

    SC = Special Care

    ASBL = Assembled

    B = Bleaching

    F = Filing

    I = Impregnation

    R = Irradiation

    W =Waxing/oiling in Opaque Stones

    CMP = Composite

    Ask a lot of questions before buying and make sure you have a disclosure.