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A weekend (+) of enameling fun!

  • Those of you who aren't full time artists can fully appreciate how much fun it is to spend an entire weekend working on your art, undisturbed by other life responsibilities.

    That's what I got to do this weekend and I had a blast.

    Our community had Ricky Frank come in and teach an enameling class to 9 folks on Saturday and Sunday.   He did a great job and the students learned a lot.

    To attempt to lock in what I've learned, I'm having an enameling open house workshop/party at my home on July 4th and July 14th.  (Independence Day and Bastille Day!)

    I'm starting to enamel at 9am and won't stop (except for a brief fireworks interlude in the evening of the 4th) until shortly before bedtime.

    If you're in the Fayetteville, NC area and want to hang out with folks having fun enameling on either of those dates, contact me privately and I'll send you directions.